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What Is eCommerce SEO?

Whenever you start something new or learn something about a topic you are not familiar with, simple, but effective ways, guides, plans are always welcome. Moreover, if you get the info from someone that got experience with the path you are willing to take, you are at a great advantage. Not only that the following rows are going to help you and lead you to the viscera of the meaning of “eCommerce SEO”, but you will also be introduced to some tricks and tips on how to be successful. But how can you start if you don’t even know what eCommerce SEO means? Here is where we start with the help and we offer you a hand to take a step ahead. Obviously, “SEO” is not a word, but each letter has its meaning. S is for Search, E for Engine, and O for Optimization. Now, okay, we figured that out, what kind of job SEO does, what is the key thing that defines an SEO? -Here’s the thing, SEO is a scientific branch, which puts its accents on helping you make your site more popular. Specifically, it is a media scientific branch that works on your site and designs it with exact keywords that will put your page on the top of the search results. For example, your search for a specific item, you type it, and the page that has the exact keywords, you typed in the bar, pops up first. If you want to be even more formal, you can define eCommerce SEO as a scientific industry that concludes art too. But, to be honest, the job isn’t easy, as people that work here have to have a creative side too. Their job as eCommerce SEO requires that.

Why is SEO important for eCommerce?

Learn how to manipulate with Google and what is their template of working. So how does Google give you the results from what you type in the search bar? Their very first goal is to make sure they have concluded all of your words in the result page or image list. For instance, you type a sentence, and they are working towards including every little word you typed. This way, they make sure you won’t need to return and search again. But how can you benefit from the way they work?
  • First, make sure you are familiar with the most searched keywords about the exact topic you are including in your site. You can write extravagant words, full of epithets, styles of writing, but if you don’t include some of the words that are listing you at the top, all of that is for nothing.
  • Pay some attention to image qualities. No one likes blurry images and non-professional looking wallpapers, as they give a reflection of non-professionality. Also, if you want to include videos, make sure they have a good sound, the exact melodies, and songs, appropriate to the topic.
  • Don’t overflow your site with too many add-ins, as they can make the accessibility worse. No one wants slow sites that take infinity to open.
Some statistics say that Search such as GOoogle Search, are the main mediators between the people that are googling an item or info and the content sites that contain the desired searched words. With them, you are 300% ahead of people that follow only other social media factors. Speaking of eCommerce CEO, this means you need knowledge, artistic ideas, creativity, create a website with creative content, high-quality pictures, other appreciated media, and a nice original way to describe the products. Also, make sure the buttons that help you earn money, sell and promote something, are large enough and eye-catching enough for a visitor to click them. Make easy ways, easy platforms to use, the interesting concept of paying and shopping, add recommended items or texts et. A step further for you, if you are already competing as an eCommerce SEO, add some product comparing here and there. This means uploading your product and its benefits and your competitor’s product. Then underline the advantages your product has at the top. This makes people buy without the need to check another site out to make sure they did the right choice. You keep their attention where you want it to be! If you are ready, with all previously said, to define again what an eCommerce SEO is then let’s say this: You are all in one when it comes to business parts on the internet. You take care of the artistic part of the design, the description, or the writing part, making it popular or promoting it, making an impact on the social media platforms, or coming to the place where everyone spends some time in the day. If you manage to fulfill all of the tops mentioned requirements and you manage to make your shop or your page the top one, you get to the top paid position. With that, you have a higher salary and you just keep growing. For example, if you work for a site that sells mobile phones, you want to sell as many as possible, and with that more and more visitors need to come and click the buy button. You will reach this if the customer, that wants to buy, sees your page first when they get the search results. As we already know, Google firstly adds some ads at the top of the results, and then list the pages that conclude the searcher’s keywords. Many of the people, as well as you, give up when they visit the first site, as they assume that is the best choice (that’s why it is first). It is logical! In that order, you need to get as high on the top as you can. The lower you are, there is less and less chance you will get the visitor and the money. Let’s calculate something… Keywords. If you, in the mobile store site you are working for, include a keyword that statistically has been typed the most, you end up first in the search. Do you know what you get as the first one in the search? Not less than thirty-five percent of the visitors that come daily, monthly, yearly is yours. With that being said, statistics, fatherly have shown that ten percent of those visitors are likely to purchase. Now add some numbers there, and you will see the ridiculously high amount of purchases you will end up with.

A very important part – Keywords 

You need to do serious research about the topic’s highest searched keywords. They are your best friends, trust us. As many as you can include, as high you will get. Just one can make a huge difference if it is the right one, but the more, the better. If you don’t pay enough attention to the following rows, you might face the serious consequences that come with the misunderstanding. Number 1: As I mentioned, nice styles of writing and not familiar words in the Google dictionary will push you down at the bottom, and there is just less than 1% you will go up again. Number 2: If you find keywords that are searched, but not enough to help you reach popularity, you are down again. As much as keywords can bring you up high, that much they can push you down if you are not familiar and careful with them. VERY IMPORTANT! Just like many of us are, we search and compare a long time before we spend our money on something. It is the same situation with customers on sites too. Just like you, they might be just analyzing your site with not an immediate decision to purchase. Some people are still deciding which model of an item suits them the best. Some are still reading descriptions and are not ready to buy. Those are on the not so sure list. But if we are talking about people that they know exactly what they need for, for example, iPhone 8+ 128GB rose gold, they are ready to buy and they are just waiting for the catch. Although you don’t always need to feel the intentions. You need to know the keyword and which one describes certain buyers and which ones are on the waiting and analyzing list. As simple as that, but as complicated too.

What can you use as a helper to find the exact keywords?

  1. Amazon
As a place where a lot of buyers are online on a day to day basis, this is a place you can partly rely on when it comes to keywords. As an SEO for an eCommerce website, you can come onto here and start typing the first word that associates you with the product you want to offer. Then just check out the list that pops out. In the order they are, the first one is the most popular and the following are less and less likely, but still possible for you to search. You can do this procedure a couple of times for you to get the right few ones to include in your site too.
  1. Use your competitor’s advantage
If your competitor is still up high in front of you, there is still a way for you to use their advantage, simply by using their keywords. It is not illegal, so why not. One of the ways is to use Ahrefs, but some of you don’t rely on this tool, so here are some tips for you. First things first, type the keyword that you want to include it is connected to your site. Then open the competitor’s site,( the competitor that you choose). Then just simply analyze the lists of products and the name of the categories they have given. Still, make sure not always to copy the same keywords, as they might higher your rank, but they can also contain an authorized domain that is higher than yours.
  1. As mentioned – Ahrefs.
This little tool might be your savior. You can rely on this tool when it comes to doing some research about the competition that you are working against, keywords that are with the biggest benefits, etc.. Firstly, you need to create an account, for which you do not need to pay anything in the first week or two. You have a lot of pages to open from that they offer, so you can be informed and do some statistics on your own. You have a full list of the top keywords, to which your site is linked to and has ranked up to. A lot of results will pop up, but on your side is the fact that you don’t need to go over each one of them, just by learning how this tool works.
  1. Make sure you are using the desired keywords as an eCommerce SEO.
On Google Keyword Planner you can discover, roughly, but still helpful, the volume and CPC. When speaking of CPC, we mean the intention that the visitor has, to buy or “just-looking”.

Let’s Dig into Architecture

When you get finished with all that keywords searching game, it is time to use them and get the benefits. It is time to see the miracles they do. But not so fast there are still some tips we intent to give you. Every architect starts with a plan, right? That’s how you, as an SEO for eCommerce websites need to start too to build a strong standing business that pops on the top all the time. By architecture means what kind of plan you make for the categories or how you categorize products, how you navigate yourself, how relevant the content you work on is, and so on… Also a very important part, in the viscera, is that you need to make sure to lower the number of times they have to tap on something to get the product, the time they spend and the number of sites they need to open. Some of the other important accents are the simplicity and the effort level, the number of taps and searches, and again, the extravagant- keywords.

How do eCommerce sites do SEO?

The first step they take is to make sure the spelling is okay. Sites and their unique names need to be read the right way. Many sites nowadays can be misspelled and therefore be known wrong or mixed with another eCommerce site. That is why SEO needs to take care the name can be spelled without any problems, as this leads to helping people find you on the internet easily. Maybe they have heard about you or have read about you somewhere, but if your name is too complicated to be spelled, that can lead to a problem. The next thing is how much your brand has potential. You need a domain that will make your eCommerce site credible. Keywords help, yes, but this tool high up your rank a lot too. Again, Keywords… However, We mentioned their importance before, but we haven’t mentioned that Google has handled this problem a little bit too and has made the SEO part slightly easier. Back 8 years ago, Google took care of sites that used “keyword” as a word that will pop them higher and took care of other problems like this. So even though the game has changed ever since, there is still some need for attention about keywords. But that little sprinkle has made the job a lot less stressful. Moreover, some of the SEO work on the eCommerce websites includes some work over the title of the texts you are writing. Some explosive title that will catch some attention isn’t bad at all. Some of the visitors might come around just because of the topic, you know? They also pay attention to originality. If it is not something people can find something else, there is a huge chance they will come to your place. If it is something people have already seen they are not curious no longer. Someone else has fed their curiosity hunger. If you take care to update the content regularly, you won’t have a problem with “old news”. Plus, a big plus is a reach. You will keep your attention. As fresh as the site looks like, it will radiate a more informational vibe and that’s what customers like, don’t they? And, many of the texts don’t have to be very long. Many of them might get bored just by seeing how much they need to read. Make it short but effective and full of the needed info, without the extended unnecessary content. Sometimes these long texts lose their meaning because they left the topic by overflowing it with too many words.

Which eCommerce platform is best for SEO?

According to some researches, the best eCommerce platform for SEO is Shopify, and not less but for 12 years now. It allows customizing in extensive frames and it is quite easy to use. It can be used by a large audience as it doesn’t require much and it doesn’t require a lot of information beforehand too. Starting from codes to the site art it has all the easy-friendly use tools to help your experience to be the best. If you want a place where you can find anything, at Shopify, you are in the right place. However, anything good comes with a price. However, this good eCommerce platform that suits SEO work comes only with less than 30 dollars a month if you choose the basic one, and as if for the standard with less than $80 a month and the advanced package for less than 300 dollars. With the price comes the benefit, certainly. But according to your needs and your budget, you have the advantage to choose. Another advantage most people are aware of is the free trial at the beginning which Is a plus. What do you get with Shopify?
  • You get the multiple-languages option, with which you can choose your language and work easier and understand more.
  • You have shopping rates that are not fixed, so they can move and they make them as flexible as possible.
  • After every product there are reviews. So if you are at the top, everyone will know that.
  • There are gift vouchers, which catch attention. We mean, who doesn’t want some extra cash off the price right?
  • You have an app that helps you with managing and managing connected issues and helps you fix them.
  • Also, they help you sell on Facebook. The app has millions of active users every second.
  • You have a Sitemap that comes generated automatically.
  • They help you with social sharing and the work around the blog. Such as keywords, design, effectivity, titles, traffic, and more.
  • URL that is SEO friendly is also included In their offer.
Shortly speaking, you have it all in one! They also, in their help center, offer you a hand about the ways how to attract attention, traffic, and popularity. And as well as we already mentioned, some key indicators can lift you to the top, and they have them. However, they don’t help you with services that conclude third-party problems, problems linked with social media, and the accounts on those platforms, and advertising issues. As a final word, it is important to mention that other platforms are like Shopify can help you with SEO for eCommerce. Some of them might offer better solutions, but they can be slightly pricier and with a lot of other taxes. And another thing to wish you is Good Luck, and take consideration of all of the things we have mentioned before. Do some more research too, and then sum everything to get the best idea of what you need to do.

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