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If you are working as a social media marketer, who usually likes to use Facebook and Instagram the most, then you have a problem. This is not Facebook and Instagram, this is a whole different social media platform with a different algorithm.

Pinterest showed up a couple of years ago and threw a punch between the other notable social media networks. Pinterest is liked by many businesses, especially the small ones – just because it is different from the other social network. It is a challenge for digital marketers though.

The main thing about Pinterest is saving pins. Those pins can have links, or descriptions, or completely different content like images – and you save them on custom boards until you need them. This is the thing about Pinterest, your boards can be either secret or public.

Everyone who has an account on Pinterest can create pins. How do you do that? You can upload images or links, tag the featured pins, or find some new ones. You can use this method to market your small business.

How do I use Pinterest to promote my business?

You can promote your business via Pinterest, and we will guide you through the process.

Marketing strategy – create the right marketing strategy for Pinterest before you start your campaign. The basic thing to do when you are creating your strategy is setting goals. Choose your objective, do you want to increase your audience, or increase the engagement, or set a specific goal? Being decisive before starting a campaign could be beneficial for your Pinterest presence. Don’t just lure into the crowd, set a goal.

Activity – you should not spam the feed. Do not pin too much, that is not the right way. Do not pin too little, that is not the right way either. So what is the recommendation for Pinterest, how many pins I should have per day? The number varies, but right now it is ten to twelve pins per day – this is a step that could increase your reach and bring you closer to new audiences. You should track your data to know more about the perfect timing, right content, etc.

Make a plan for Pinterest – choose specific rather than a broad target. If your plan does not include engaging or shareable content, then it is destined to fail. You can see many successful marketing campaigns on Pinterest if you feel like searching for it. Keep in mind that your board should look well arranged, not messy. Set the tone clear.

Keep in mind that holidays or anniversaries should be take a place on your board throughout the calendar year. Plan them earlier, because you will forget to do that if you are not reminded.

How to promote my Pinterest account? – You must think outside of the box. You can promote your board on the other social media networks, don’t keep your pins only to the audience on Pinterest. That way, you will bring a lot more audience to your boards.

I assume that you know more about the Pinterest concept now, you are nearly set to succeed. Read those steps again because we are continuing with the marketing tips for Pinterest – set your account properly.

  • Follow button

Pinterest has its own follow button. You can set that button to every content you make, and you will increase the number of followers as fast as you can. If you have a website, blog – put the button up there, let your audience see that you have a Pinterest account, and maybe they will like your boards, too.

  • Pin button

Add this button to your content, and get featured on many boards. This means that if someone who came across your picture, or a picture of your products – they can pin it and communicate with you through that action. Those pins could help you define your buyer persona easier, almost hassle-free. This button is featured on many online stores.

  • Storytelling

Millennials are now the decision-makers. And, they know more than baby boomers. You won’t get them easily with the old fashioned tricks. Millennials dive deep into data, they research the items and look for a purpose. The right way to give them a purpose is to tell them a story using your visuals.

Give your business meaning, create a special campaign for that. That way you can attract new audiences and potential customers. Buying on emotions became the new marketing trend in 2020, so keep telling stories and make them memorable.

You can find many successful campaigns on Pinterest that are based on storytelling. The Pinterest audience looks for inspiration in their pins – so help them find it. Almost three-quarters of the people that use Pinterest say that this social media platform helped them through their everyday life.

  • Pictures

The pictures are what makes Pinterest interesting, the whole social media platform is based on them. Users use the pictures to create their own stories. If you want your business to reach more people – try to inspire as many people as you can. That way the users will pin your posts and fill their boards with them.

  • Describe your images

If you want search engines like Google or Bing to recognize you easier – then pay attention to your keywords. Look for the search volume when you are setting up your keywords, and make them relevant to your content – that way your target group can find you. Search engines like Google crawl through your content and evaluate your content – if the keywords are good and relevant, you will rank higher.

  • Advertising with Pinterest – Pinterest Ads

The latest reports say that more than 60 percent of the brands or products that are featured on Pinterest were found out by Pinterest ads. This percentage shows us the value of using the Pinterest ads – you must pay if you want to be seen.

  • Pinterest data tracking and Ads Manager

Pinterest offers you its Analytics to provide relevant data that could help you rank your business higher on the platform. If you want to be successful, you need to track those data, analyze the best practices, and repeat them.

Just like on every other social media platform, you are offered a wide range of data that you can use to improve your presence. One of the most important KPIs on Pinterest are Pins with the highest amount of clicks, repins, and impressions. The analytics section provides you with demographic data, too.

If you are working as a digital marketer, then you know that this amount of data would be helpful to structure your marketing strategy better. I hope that I helped you understand Pinterest better, and if you read all those tips above – you are surely more confident in starting a marketing campaign on Pinterest for your business. If you are not confident enough, read those tips again.

What is Pinterest good for?

We have already told you some advantages of using Pinterest, but there are many others, too. For example, your eCommerce business could benefit from using Pinterest – so if you didn’t use this social media platform to advertise your business, now is the perfect time to create a marketing strategy designed only for Pinterest.

Let’s dive deeper and tell you the real benefits of using Pinterest.

  • Stay competitive – all businesses use Pinterest, from small business to entire corporations. Most likely your competitors are using it – so do you want them to be ahead of you?
  • Recognizable – if your pins are discovered and your links are set properly – then every single pin will lead the audience back to the source. The latest reports show us that the dropshipping industry is massively using Pinterest to increase their traffic and sales.
  • SEO – we have already mentioned the benefits of the search engines for your business. Pinterest is a great tool to boost your presence on search engines like Google – so go for it.
  • Building your brand – it creates an opportunity to tell your story through images. It gives your brand a purpose, which you will use to create new customers. Tell your audience what are you up to, and bring them closer to your brand. Make them feel like they are part of it.
  • Engagement – you can dive into your customer stories deeper. Pinterest will present you with the opportunity to build valuable customer relationships.
  • The content is ageless – the algorithm of this social media platform is different from Facebook and Instagram. When someone searches and pins your image – they refresh it back and it does not get lost. Post relevant and quality content, and you will be set for life.
  • Inspire to aspire – users are searching for visual inspiration when they are scrolling through Pinterest. If you reach the right people of the platform, then you are set for success.
  • Free to use – yes, it is. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest still offers quality organic reach. If you post quality and relevant content. So enjoy it while you can, Pinterest will sure hop on the trend to lower the organic reach.

If you are an online store owner, then Pinterest could be the right platform for advertising. The platform is made to simplify the online buying, so if are looking for an image of your favorite dress, the image will probably contain a link to buy the dress from that particular online store.

It is still a young social media platform with a lot of room to improve, but it can be useful if you know how to use it. You could use it for all the phases in your marketing strategy model, starting from brand awareness to conversion.

How does Pinterest business work?

Many successful stories came out in the last couple of years from Pinterest. Online stores that sell trendy products benefited the most. The right visual presentation of your products helps the customer to make a decision.

It is known that business-to-consumer models are more successful than business-to-business models on Pinterest. That is not a reason to give up – there is a chance to market your business, too.

We will dive into the statistics closer and we will see the demographics of the Pinterest users in 2020.

As expected, women are the ones who rule on Pinterest. Almost three-quarters of the users are women. Although, the men population seems to grow lately. Multiple reports show us that in 2020 50% of the users who signed up on Pinterest are men.

If you are trying to reach a certain target group on Pinterest continue reading. We have gathered a couple of groups that you can surely reach on this social media platform.

  • Young parents – more than half of the users have kids that are born after 2015
  • Millennials – as we have mentioned above, the Millennials use Pinterest to do their research and to find inspiration and motivation
  • Mostly women – two-thirds of the women that are born between 1965-1995 are using Pinterest
  • Middle-class users – they have buying power. The latest report showed us that half of the users have more than 100K income yearly – this is very important if you own an eCommerce business

The latest stat shows us that you can make sales on this social media platform.

Promoted pins are the right way to advertise on this social media platform. If you target your audience right, increasing your sales is inevitable. I mean half of those who use Pinterest are having more than 100K annually, what do you need more?

With the Ads Manager on Pinterest, you can set different campaign goals – either brand awareness, reach, traffic, conversions, etc. Same as Facebook Ads, you can use a daily or total budget. There are a lot of available placement options, so you can check them yourself. I hope this article gave you knowledge about Pinterest and its possibilities. The next thing on us is to wish you good luck with your Pinterest efforts.

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