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Many people choose this social media site to connect with their long-distance friends or family members. This happens since this social connecting platform is available all over the world and it is completely free. Unlike the mobile phone operators that require a certain amount of money when you send a message to another country user, Facebook doesn’t bother you with that.

Another intention you may have while using Facebook – is using this platform to promote yourself or your business branch. The possibilities you have here, when speaking of marketing and promotion, seem eye-catching too. However, looks like some of those opportunities have been accused of causing a problem to the users.   Read the following text, so you can find out what we are talking about.

Here is the thing. We assume many of you have struggled with so far with Facebook jail. This is the situation where your account is blocked due to the rules that Facebook had underlined and you hadn’t followed. To be exact, we are speaking of problems linked to the terms of use during marketing.
Some of them may end up even more rigorous and forbid you to use your account on Facebook. Keep in mind that this might be permanent.

Definition and Additional Information about Facebook Jail

By defining Facebook jail, we mean the problem when Facebook is banning your account and forbidding you to share content (images and statuses), as well as not letting you send a friend request. Many other movements and possibilities will be restricted, too.

Sometimes this condition can occur even if you break some rules unintentionally. You can post a picture that is not appropriate and can be disturbing, sensitive. This is alarming for Facebook and as soon as they get notified about the inappropriate content you have shared, they eliminate you as much as they can from their platform.

If you come sometimes to a saying that their Facebook account is in jail, you already know the meaning. They have broken the Facebook rules, which forbid violation and inappropriacy and now they have to take the consequences. Other behaviors that are considered spam are also considered to deserve Facebook jail. But there is some good news if you have been using this platform for a while now.

If you are an older user, you may have already been familiar with the laws. As you are familiar, you are a step away from Facebook jail. Statistics have shown that newer members are much more expected to get banned than the ones that have been present on this platform for a longer period.

Types of Blocking

Blocking that doesn’t last forever

If you get blocked in this category, you are not in the worst situation that you can get. This type of banning is only for a calculated period and you can get your account back after some time. When you get rid of the restrictions you can enter your account once again, as nothing had happened before.
The time frame of the Facebook jail in this situation is from a couple of hours to a few days. The maximum that the temporary ban can last is about 21 days or about 3 weeks in total.

Blocking that takes away your profile forever

We have come to a situation that is considered the worst. If you are blocked permanently, there are no hopes you can get your profile back. This is the game over. So far, computer scientists hadn’t found a way to fix this problem.
Read some of the following rows to find out which actions are considered as banning, spamming, and blocking for the Facebook platform:

Mentioning too many people – Instead, try communicating in the comments without much tagging to avoid this.

FB has banned some pictures and contents – Instead, try relying only on the content you create and avoid copying.

Bombarding with too many posts in a short time frame – Instead, let Facebook process some of the information you post, and then post again.

Don’t request to be part of countless amount of groups – Instead, try getting accepted in some first, and then search for new ones.

Avoid spam behavior – No one likes spam behavior, right? Instead, try becoming friends with people you know only and do not transform your account to business typed it is only for personal use.

Don’t use software that works on an Automatic base – instead, make sure you are in control of the speed of your account comments or posts.

Don’t log in at different accounts meanwhile you are logged in to one – Instead, use one account at a time at one device, or try logging into a different account at another device.

Secret Ways that cause Facebook Jail, try and avoid them

  • Nude photos or sexual content
  • Spammed Google photos
  • Posting too much content
  • Spreading hate and harassment
  • Making fake accounts

  1. Sharing on Facebook

Keep in mind the longer time you take before you post something else, the less risk of getting blocked.
It doesn’t have to take a long time between posts. Sometimes a couple of minutes can be enough.
Moreover, you can search for some help at Postcorn, Buffer, Postify, etc. These apps can make a schedule for you and post at certain intervals. This way you wouldn’t be bothered to be active every time you need to post.

  1. Count the people you have mentioned before you Tag another Person

It is crucial to know the people you tag. This way you avoid being reported and banned.
If a larger group of people you have sent a request deny you or, simply, ignore you, you are close to getting spam.
Try to think this way: Someone sends you an invitation to some event or requests a friendship. If you don’t know them you will try to protect yourself and you will report them. In the best way, you will avoid them.
This makes them get spam.
If a person is not on the photo or has nothing to do with the content, make sure you don’t tag that user.

  1. Don’t copy the Content you Post

 Maybe the top rule you have to follow is this one.
The benefit of following this request is not just one. This one will make your profile more interesting and entertaining as it might be full of something, they can’t find anywhere else.
As for the spam, the pictures you might use from Google are recognizable for Facebook and this is a reason for Facebook Jail.
If the pictures you use are free and have been approved for public use, then you are safe. But please make sure to check that.

  1. Don’t use your Bossiness to create an Account

 There is a way that you can promote your business, and that is over the Facebook page. Keep in mind, we are mentioning the page and not a Facebook account. Try making a Facebook account that is personalized and not with a name, for instance, a bakery van has.
Also, try not to forget that only one account is allowed per person.

  1. Spam Behavior

This is a no, boring, unnecessary, banned, and in Facebook Jail. Let’s sum the Spam-considered behaviors down below:

  • Adding someone as a friend even though you haven’t heard of them, haven’t met them, or are familiar with them.
  • Don’t bore someone by repeatedly sending texts and private messages. Or do so, if you want to deserve Facebook Jail.
  • Don’t try to ruin your competition by promoting yourself on their page. You will end up Sabotaging yourself.
  1. Try eliminating people that will, with no reason, report you

 Haters gonna hate, right?
Maybe this is not a fair play, but some competitors don’t trust the process of winning by improving. Instead, they want to eliminate you, so they can climb to the top.
Try blocking such people and be care-free.

  1. Amount of Posting must be Reasonable

 If you want your reach to be steady and up, you have to post. However, posting the right amount and not going to the point of which is disturbing. Disturbing posting leads to Facebook Jail. People need to learn about you or your business, but to that wisely and be patient. Also, some of the steps you take can lead to SPAM-bot.

  1. Shorten Your URL or Page Links in Biography

If you are using the link you have used to another site, consider getting spammed.
However, your job has been simplified with URL Shorteners. These little page tools can save you from ending up in Facebook Jail.

  1. Automated Software and Scripts need avoidance

As you may already see, excessive amounts of everything lead to blocking. This is the situation even with scripts and software.
After spending 4 or 5 hours working on scripting, take some rest of a couple of hours. This will save your energy and your Facebook account.

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