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If you’re a business store owner, or you want to become one, this article is for you. The most successful online stores have quality content that they are updating regularly. There are many benefits to quality content for your business. More traffic, a bigger reputation, and more sales.

There are different types of quality content that you can publish. Today, we are going to talk about blogs on your website. Website articles are appreciated by your customers, website visitors, and Google.

When you provide quality content, customers usually don’t bounce from your website because they continue to read. Google crawlers notice their behavior and they rank your website higher in the search rankings. If you are ranked higher, you will get more traffic, which means more sales for you.

You shouldn’t be a professional writer to write quality blog posts. There are a lot of tools that can help you with your writing, for example, Grammarly.

We’re here to help you with the content ideas for your blog, in case you don’t know what to write about. We’ve gathered different examples from other online stores that can help you throughout this process.

Cross-Promote with Other Online Stores

In case you got confused when we mentioned your competition, hear us out. You don’t have to collaborate with your direct competition. Many indirect competitors can help you throughout this process. You can help them, too.

Let’s say you’re selling football shoes, and you’re aiming for younger players born around 2005. Try to find your indirect competitor, for example, some online store that sells football shirts and shorts. You’ll complement each other perfectly.

Try to search for your indirect competitors on Google or social media platforms and try to reach them. If they complement your brand, try to work a deal with them.

You’ll build backlinks that could help you rank higher in the search engines, and you don’t even have to stop there. You could cross-post each other on social media, too. Make the most of it.

Include Influencers Into Your Marketing Strategy

If you want to touch more audiences, for less money, micro-influencers offer that option. You can make a few testimonials with some micro-influencers who would like to get featured on your website. Their followers’ number will raise, and you’ll get a free testimonial article who can boost your sales.

Some of those influencers will help you with your social media efforts. They will share the blog article you wrote about them and you’ll get free traffic. Google crawlers will notice that traffic increases and will rank your site even higher. Make sure those influencers are relevant on social media to avoid problems.

Use UGD – User Generated Content

You should sometimes let the customers make the content. That is the most engaging content that you could use. You don’t even have to think about what to create, what to write, how many words do you need.

According to multiple reports, customers trust user-generated content more. If you are an online brand, this kind of content is a must for your business. Let’s talk about examples.

For example, you are selling football shoes. If you post some video where Billy, a kid that bought shoes from your online store, scored a goal, you’re promoting your customer, in this case, Billy, and your football shoes. People can see that your shoes are performing well, and Billy along with his parents will most likely share that video.

Share Content from Behind the Scenes

Your designs can be one of the best among your competition, but if you don’t have that social proof, your content isn’t worth so much as you think. People like to connect with other people, they like to read testimonials, experiences, reviews, and they like to know who is responsible for their products.

Try to remove the curtains and present your visitors with some content from behind the scenes. Present some employee stories, present yourself, that human element will bring you many more visitors and loyal customers.

Do you think that this kind of content is inappropriate for your online store? We recommend you to try it and come back to give us some feedback about it. Many pieces of research prove our point. Photos with faces get more reach and impressions, and people react better to them.

How-to Content for your Products

This is highly recommended if your products are not user-friendly. Not every product needs this kind of attention and manual, but customers appreciate it when you try to ease their process.

For example, you sell smartwatches. Even if you have a manual in your product package, try to make some videos about it. Showcase its strengths, it will probably help you with the sales. You need to point out why your watch is better than the others, and how the customers can use the most of it.

Many of the customers will see new ways to use it and they’ll probably reply and engage with the video you posted. If you have this kind of video on your store, Google will probably rank your website higher, this puts you in front of your competition.

Question Your Audience

People want to know that want to hear their opinion, even if you don’t make the changes they proposed. This is human nature, and this will never change. Apart from the website, you can make the most of this content with social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms offer many options to do quick research on your audience. If you like to raise your engagement rate on social media, start doing polls. People prefer quick polls better than long written reviews. Try to find some topic that could trigger your audience, but be careful, this kind of posts can backfire. You should be careful and avoid sensitive topics.

For example, you could ask your audience whether they play ‘football’ or ‘soccer’ in their countries. You probably don’t care about this topic, but among football fans, this is some big controversy. This is a topic that could positively trigger many people.

Live Events and Videos

Video marketing is the content you want to publish in 2020. Everyone who is working as a marketer will recommend you start creating this kind of content. They have backup though, more than 50% of the people that watch product videos, purchase the product they just watched.

Quality means a lot. Even with the great cameras nowadays, mobile phones could still not catch the quality you need to make a product video. Video material will cost you a lot, but you don’t have to pay that price.

The solution to this problem is live videos on social media. People get notified when some page is streaming live, so this is an attention-getter. Afterward, you’ll post the video on your website, and the quality will be approved since they can that you’ve streamed that video live.

Run a Contest on your Website

This tactic should work with every category of products. People love free things, and most of them engage in contests. There are a lot of rules that you need to track to create the contest you need.

The benefits are great, increased traffic, more leads, etc. As we’ve said above, you need to be careful when you’re setting up the conditions. The most used forms of conditions are sharing the contest on social media, commenting on the post, tagging a certain number of friends, follow your page or your partners, etc. You should set appropriate conditions according to the reward you’re offering.

Many external services can help you throughout this process.

Prelaunch some Product or Announce a Sale

This strategy is used by most of the online stores, and it’s not outdated, still. You probably share the updates on your website, so you should do that with the upcoming sales or products, too. Announce the sale a couple of days before it starts.

People will start checking the availability of your products consistently, and most of them are even going to save some of them in their browsers. Most of the online store owners decide to preannounce a sale before the holidays, their birthday, or other notable events.

Q&A Sessions with the Employees

Try to connect with your audience while trying to solve their problems. You can also get the answers you are looking for, for example, what do you need to do to grow your sales, what does your audience wants, etc.

This is a great way to prove that there are people who care about their customers behind the curtains.


You know how your business operates, and we hope that we’ve presented you with the quality content ideas that you needed. You probably want to increase your sales, to do that, you must improve your SEO rankings. You’re going to do that by providing quality content to your audience.

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