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Your ads don’t convert as you expect them to? You don’t know what’s wrong? Don’t worry, we got you. We’ve narrowed down a list of our top LinkedIn Ad Examples that might help you out.

Before we dive into the creative part, we have to share our secret hack to you (feel free to share this blog to anyone though). Facebook has an Ad Library for transparency, but you surely didn’t know that LinkedIn has its own Ad Tab on each profile? That’s right. In an effort to create more ad transparency, you are able to see what ads your competitors are running via the Ad Tab.

Also, do you know the most common features that the most of the top performing ads have?

We won’t do all the work for you this time, scroll down to see the ads and check the other features yourself.

Linkedin Ad Example – Salesforce

That’s not the classic sales carousel, those are well played cards with a lot of value in each of them. Not boring, branding on point. We’re talking about a great ad example here from Salesforce.

LinkedIn Ad Example – Fi

Remember, even if LinkedIn it’s a B2B platform, you’re still talking to people. Make your ad stand out and don’t use only serious and buttoned up creatives. Here’s a pawfect example of how you can keep it fun and still communicate your values clearly.

Linkedin Ad Example – Shopify

Communication with your buyer persona can be hard, unless you’re Shopify. Pretty straightforward, if you were running an eCommerce business wouldn’t this be familiar to you? Bonus points for their action words they’re using on each card.

LinkedIn Ad Examples – GoDaddy

It doesn’t always have to be about products or services, every great marketer knows this. Sharing an inspiring story of your customers can add much more value than a classic sales ad. Always choose to inspire instead of forcing your audience to buy, lead them to believe and the sales will come.

LinkedIn Ad Example – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Wait, it says “Save 45%”? What am I going to save? Even though this offer isn’t clear, you must click on the ads to get clarity, at least we can’t resist it, don’t know about you… 

LinkedIn Ad Examples – Facebook

Great copy ✅

Great audience call-out ✅

Facebook also used very meaningful video by featuring top leaders in Southeast Asia speaking about the latest consumer buying trends.

LinkedIn Ad Example – Qualtrics

Yes, if you’re thinking that this ad was used during the first wave of the Covid-19, you’re right. Using pure text images on LinkedIn is allowed, and you can see how they made the most of it. Thinking about using the text ad format in your next campaign already?

That’s a wrap!

That’s it. I hope a few of these examples gave you some nice ideas on how to create your next Linkedin Ads Campaigns while also understanding what pitfalls to look for when creating or briefing them.

Are there any Linkedin Ads you saw passing by which should be added to the list?

Let us know in the comments!

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