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If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably stuck at writing articles no one reads, and trust me, we’ve all been there. Do you want to write an article that people will actually read?

As a social media manager and long-time content writer for a start-up marketing agency, I’ve been asked to share a secret or two about pulling readers in and keeping them coming back for more. In our case, we went from 500 readers a month to delivering more than 100,000 readers for our client in just a little over a year, so I’m happy to say it has worked.

Do you want more than 7 people to visit your article? Here are four tips to write an article that people will actually read.

#1 Know your audience

Do you even know and understand your target audience? If you don’t here are some questions that can ask yourself:

You can dive even deeper, but we’ll let you do that on your own! 😉 If you understand your audience better, then you can build engagement easily through your articles. Generic blogs about generic stuff fall deep down in Google rankings. Write about what your audience really wants to read.

#2 Choose a topic that interests you, too

Without a headline, you don’t have an article. I usually start with brainstorming a topic and a few keywords. Eureka! Now it’s much easier since you have a topic or something else that can give you an idea of what you want to say.

For example, this article was started as “how to write a perfect blog post” and then I reformulated the headline to “4 tips to write an article that people will actually read”, as you can see above!

#3 Find your writing style

You’ve got your topic and idea in your head, now it’s time to write. But wait, what’s your writing style? Do you want to keep it short and straight to the point, or do you write long, detailed articles?

For me, I prefer to keep it short and share as much value as I can share. Since I know my target audience likes it short and sweet, I’m keeping it that way. What does your audience want?

Avoid becoming someone you aren’t. Many writers did that before you, including me, and I was so focused on keeping my articles “perfect” that my writing became boring like Ed Sheeran. Write your way and watch the words flow.

#4 Write a great intro

If you don’t want to be boring and annoying, please grab your readers’ attention with a mind-blowing introduction. Don’t worry if you can’t get it on your first try, it usually takes years of practice since you master the art of “great introduction”.

Let me throw you a trick or two:

It’s no big deal, but make sure it relates to your article, otherwise the article would be designated as “clickbait” because you’ll let people feel like they’ve been cheated.

Then, once you’ve published a good amount of blogs, go back and study them. At Digital ID, we keep a document of every single blog post that we’ve written, as well as the number of shares they got on social media. That way we can determine our top-performing ones, what works and what doesn’t—and do it all over again.

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